Album Artworks by Master Kristian Wåhlin (aka Necrolord)

“It all started with friends in other bands saw my pictures and asked if I wanted to paint them – and then it just rolled on,” says Kristian Wåhlin about his activities as an artist and illustrator.

Christian, born in 1971, grew up in Gothenburg and then four year resident in Höganäs with a studio in the Bay.

His artist’s interest was piqued even before school age, he left image line and preparatory arts education Schillerska High School.

Fantasy, outstanding detail characterize the Christian’s work, both in terms of painting as drawing and illustration.The reasons vary, but the feeling is the same, dreamy, melancholic, often dramatic and explosive. Myth and Philosophy interspersed with existential motifs filled with powerful symbolism that life and death.

Here i mentioned few artworks those are absolutely great and precious.

Bow to Master of Necro Dreams and dismay.

Visit [ Official site] for more wonder.

Unsung-Heroes tumblr_mb23y1qrCt1rz6sblo1_500 tumblr_lxu9u6t28y1r1w1eto1_1280 secrets-of Sacramentum necrolord_album_covers morbid - december moon innights In_the_Nightside_Eclipse(1) f8a0c50d328db62519db788dfc3 emperor-in_the_nightside_eclipse1 DSC02221 cover-big cover-big (2) cover-big (1) Bitterness-Cover bathory_-_blood_on_ice_front Bathory Nordland Ii--f Bathory - Nordland I -Frontal Aeon-Aeons-Black 1406562831_benediction-organised-chaos1 1300362509_e31099b88844 1206691952_king_diamond_voodoo 31422 2456dissectionswelivelegacy12008040 1991IntoInfiniteObscurityEP 1781 1778 91Qy3G1tydL._SL1500_ 37af12fd9978c973a43e050818fadd52_full


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