Bengal Invasion of the GOATFATHER: Impiety’s First Ever Tour in Bengals

Great review and it was an absolute pleasure to watch mighty IMPIETY from the eye distance. They were ruthless,merciless, empowering and uncompromising in the lives like they used to. Totally blown away by their released energy. Track-list was killer but i wish to see “Atomic wrath of azzazzel and Mighty Impiety live too, they used to did those classic fury songs in their lives !! But they didn’t play them here,,unlucky we were. Whatever it was a chaotic unholy live from these brilliant musicians. Hope to see them again in the might Bengal land. Long live mighty IMPIETY. FIST IN THE AIR.

Primitive Invocation did a great job here, praising is not enough for their dedication and support for old school metal music. Bow and respect.

Venustas Diabolicus

Nearly 25 years of existence- they have been one of the pioneering extreme metal bands not only from their homeland Singapore but also from Asia and that is probably the reason why they are used to be claimed as the GOATFATHERS of Asian metal. The aggressive black/death/thrashers mighty IMPIETY have been one of the landmarks from Asia, having toured in many countries and playing in a good number of major metal festivals, the band set for its first South Asian tour, namely The Heretical Decimation– to play in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Kolkata and Delhi, India.


The journey began on the 6th of November when they hit Dhaka to play in BANISH THE POSERS FEST II (BTPF – 2014) on 7th of November and moved to Kolkata to play in ORDER OF THE HERETICAL TRIDENT FESTIVAL on 8th November. The story and journey…

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