Joe Pulver’s “King in Yellow Tales” is available today, on the 150th birthday of Robert W. Chambers

Lovecraft eZine

The King in Yellow TalesToday is the 150th birthday of Robert W. Chambers, author of the weird fiction classic The King in Yellow.  Author Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. has been writing King in Yellow tales for almost two decades, and Lovecraft eZine Press has just collected twenty-five of his KIY stories into one volume: The King in Yellow Tales, Volume I.

You’re getting a lot for your money; there are over 300 pages in this book!  In addition to 25 King in Yellow stories, this book includes an informative introduction by Rick Lai, and an afterword by Peter Rawlik!

The King in Yellow Tales (volume I) is available in print and for Kindle.  Purchase it here: The King in Yellow Tales.

“No one does the darker side of surreal better than this man.” – Laird Barron

Nearly two decades before True Detective helped popularize The King in Yellow

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