Please help Lovecraft eZine!

Lovecraft eZine

Sorry for the lack of posts the past half week, my illness flared up so much that I could not get out of bed.  And speaking of that…

I could really use your help funding Lovecraft eZine, and with some medical bills.  Here’s a link to my “gofundme” fundraiser.

Lovecraft eZine is a full-time job for me. There’s a lot to it. If you love the blog, the Facebook page, the FREE Lovecraftian fiction, the weekend video chats that keep us all close, then please help me keep it going.

My wife and I have just been hit with some major medical bills. Most of you know about my health issues; there are new expenses there, but we are also now dealing with some dental procedures for my wife.  On top of that, our only vehicle is about to die; we’ve made do with it for…

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2 thoughts on “Please help Lovecraft eZine!

  1. I received this from my sister last week. I had no idea it was a real book, I thought it was a joke. Who would publish a book for children (and a movie appatenrly) where the f-word is on every page?

    • It’s not a joke, it’s serious. If you are not interested you can ignore but if you are interested in helping then you can purchase this children book and support this Ezine. And don’t share it with your children. Keep it to yourself.

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