Robert Vigna (Immolation) : Master Conductor of Atonal Drop Evil Assault and Invoker of All Devouring Darkness


The great guy who runs the site has made a mammoth compilation of 100 Favorite Guitarists; He wrote brilliant in-depth analysis about every guitar legends he admire. They are truly splendid to read and visualize ; In both technical and musical perspective. Luckily, he wrote about Master guitarist Robert Vigna from legendary Death Metal Band IMMOLATION, the conductor of drop evil sound.  He wrote “Vigna is an artist with the ability to make such combative music that still offers so much to the listener willing to pursue its mysteries. At once visceral and ethereal, his guitar playing represents some of the best of the death metal genre as a whole”. 

If you ever really wonder that how he create this supreme immolation sound than you could read this note about this guitar wizard.

Read here :


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