CARCASS live at Saint Vitus Bar, Sep. 25th, 2013

Tracklist :

(00:00:03 ‘1985’) (00:01:37 ‘Buried Dreams’) (0:05:46 ‘Incarnated Solvent Abuse’) (0:11:06 ‘Carnal Forge’) (0:15:03 ‘No Love Lost’) (0:19:19 ‘Unfit for Human Consumption’) (0:24:29 “WERE YEH FINISHED NATTERIN’? PUT YER IPADS DOWN!”) (0:24:39 ‘Edge of Darkness’/’This Mortal Coil’/’Reek of Putrefaction’) (0:34:46 ‘Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System’) (0:39:43 ‘Genital Grinder’/’Pyosisified (Rotten to the Gore)’/Exhume to Consume’) (0:49:31 ‘Captive Bolt Pistol’) (0:53:35 ‘Corporal Jigsore Quandary’/’Forensic Clinicism/The Sanguine Article’) (1:03:05 Ruptured in Purulence’/’Heartwork’)(1:10:20 ‘Carneous Cacoffiny’/’Lavanging Expectorate of Lysergide Composition’/’Keep On Rotting in the Free World’)

Uploaded By :

Pit Full of Shit


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