Codex Obscurum Zine – Issue #9

Received the Codex Obscurum Zine ( Issue #9) few days back and this magnificent issue featuring interviews of legendary vocalist Ros Dolan from mighty Death Metal Institution Immolation, Norwegian evil-thrashers Deathhammer (Official), Chaotic and overwhelming canadian death horde Mitochondrion, nauseating Horrendous, dark and crushing Ectovoid, Norwegian Technical/Brutal Death insanity Hideous Divinity, Ancient death madness Cemetery Filth, Irelandish black/death Beithíoch, Legendary artist Sawblade and loads of maddening album reviews. Codex Obscurum Zine is dedicated to Music and Dark arts and it’s an absolute joy to have this archaic zine in hand and explore all the exciting material with an obscure layout. Utmost pleasure to support this zine and hope this zine keep waving the flag of underground  for eternity.


Support Codex Obscurum and support true underground.


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