Abominable Carnivore – “Forest of Woe” (Live)

Abominable Carnivore, ferocious Black/Death Metal Band from Bangladesh. This is their live footage of the track entitled “Forest of Woe”, off their upcoming LP. Filmed at National Library Auditorium, Wicked Resurgence Fest MMXVI, 27th of February.


Real good sounding live from aural brother’s !!!. Loved the darkness infested atmosphere here and obviously possessed by the grandeur of Monarch’s haunting and mind-grabbing tremolo picked guitar melodies, here. Tormenting but equally captivating and enthralling. Sventevith’s twisted and hallowed bass work here is ever present like a wheeler, purely psychotic bass work. Can’t be more appreciate the crafty drums pounding here, Mr. Impaler clearly set forth the course of this track brilliantly. Mr. Demodulated was furious like a angry hound, devoured by his fear lurking shrieking cacophony. And the whole track indeed draws me into a void of ghastly contours that continually shapeshift. Only thing I wish that during interlude journey (hallucinatory acoustic part !!!) everybody on stage could simply be transfixed by the atmosphere created by Monarch’s guitar. Movement simply killed the trance/hypnotic mood here…Except that simple complains of mine this live is simply a woe spreading one . Magnificent performance. Hails brothers.

Visit their Page and support this magnificent black/death band from Bangladesh.



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