Interview of Legendary Dutch Death Entity @Pestilence Published in the 4th Issue of VM-Underground Fanzine

VM-Underground Fanzine Issue #4 was published a few months back. This issue beholds a humongous and monstrous interview with master Patrizio Marco Giovanni Mameli of legendary Dutch Death Metal Institution Pestilence (official). Issue # 4 is available as a (free) download at . Visit the Site, Download this issue; Dig out this fascinating interview and also explore 107 pages of underground Extreme Metal.
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“”At the end of 2016, Patrick Mameli announced the resurrection of Pestilence, just for a couple of shows in Mexico. Thanks to Tony Choy, Mameli accepted the idea to do a world tour playing the golden oldies in its original form. Or in his own words: “No 8 string guitars. Just a nice trip down memory lane just for the fans”. And don’t forget the fact VIC Records released 2 digital documents filled with live and demo/rehearsal material of Pestilence. As Pestilence made more surprising moves than Marco Materazzi made tackles, Mameli announced a new album called “Hadeon” which will be released by Hammerheart Records in 2017″

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