Riverge (Japan) at “Banish the Posers Fest 2016” and the hell-blazing Riverged experience.

Thrash metal hell-firing act Riverge from Japan just visited Bangladesh and finally had the pleasure to witness a true warrior band from the golden era of old school thrash metal. Riverge wrecked havoc at the Banish the Posers Fest 2016 and showed us why vintage, spirited and violent 80’s era thrash metal is incomparable to anything. Since the announcement of their incoming assault in our Bengal land, it has been the period of great anticipation and they delivered us the thrashing venom like a spitting cobra. Thus furious, bludgeoning and nerve wrecking intensity of their brute force playing did tricked my senses and visions; eventually they all got blurred by the wave after wave of viscous raging Japanese thrashing madness. In this period of friendly and show off thrash metal!!!; the opportunity to witness and support a true flag bearer act from the 80’s was pure undefinable blessings. The spirit was endless and all the praises goes to the hordes of Primitive Invocation for all their painstaking efforts to put 2016 edition of BTPF by defying all the odds and for such hell-blazing Riverged experience. Fist Up High.


Enmachined – Gutcutter (Live at Obituary for the Living – 2016)

“Gutcutter” is the newest track from Headbashing Bangladeshi thrashers Enmachined. Another high octane, skin erupting, hitting the roof and gut busting new composition from the ingenious bone crushers. Their brilliant song writing skill aided by punchy, flesh-on-fire lyrics and headbashing live act always demonstrate why they are the most menacing and nastiest thrash metal band from Bengal Land. And this new unreleased song is no exception. Always pleasure to support them and hungrily awaiting for their debut Full Length. Fist up high to the bloody force of Enmachined.

Check their page and support this thrash force.


Evil Power  by DEATHHAMMER (2015)

Country : Norway



Scandinavia is about mystery and madness. And when it comes to mighty Norway then the strike is always deadly. The blackthrashing madness of DEATHHAMMER in their latest opus “Evil Power” is the pure example of raw, energetic and devastating blackthrashing warfare in a totally innovative way; with a great nod to the glorious early sound of old days. This album is an absolute evil disguised in a form of sound which is so powerful in utmost nastiest way. Without any doubt one of the most meaning release of the year 2015. All the praises to Deathhammer (Official) for such a magnificent album. Absolute pleasure to listen and be death hammered.

Tracks to die for : Warriors of Evil, Satan Is Back, Sinner’s Possession,Rot In Shreds, Omen of the Beast and the whole malicious album.

Listen the Whole album here :