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Label: Satanath Records / The Eastern Front

It’s interesting how black metal can be simultaneously so rooted in geography and place, yet also a global genre, with adherents all across the world. Garhelenth provide a prime example of why terms such as “Scandinavian black metal” no longer refer to a place, but a sound. The band, originally from Iran yet now residing in Armenia, play black metal of cold grimness that is, sonically, rooted firmly in Norway. As this might imply, their music on About Pessimistic Elements and Rebirth of Tragedy is heavily inspired by the second wave of black metal, but there’s also a sense of melody and melancholy to it that’s not far removed from DSBM, and a sense of character that is missing from most other devotees of Scandinavian black metal.

Following the requisite intro track – which features, of all things, a cackling witch – ‘Destruction of the Will’ gets the album started properly, racing ahead to the sound of burning churches. The furious riffs and galloping rhythm recall Gorgoroth very strongly – a comparison that’s hard to escape for much of the album – and the track is a punishing listen, filled with razor-sharp guitars and an aura of blasphemous violence, especially during its mid-tempo closing movement. Likewise, ‘Foolish Conscience’ is a vicious song, its energy such that it feels much shorter than it actually is.

It’s as the album progresses that it becomes more interesting, though – sure, those early tracks are good and strong, but what helps set About Pessimistic Elements… apart from its peers are those DSBM touches. ‘Self-Humiliation”s second half sees the track change from its original, second-wave inspired form in to something much more ominous and dark, with the repetitive melodies in the background bringing the likes of Shining to mind. Similarly, the melodies of ‘Moral to Pessimist’ are tinged with melancholy, painting a picture of darkness and mental anguish. When combined with the more typical Scandinavian black metal riffs and rhythms, it makes for an effective combination.

At just under a half hour long, About Pessimistic Elements… is a relatively short record, but this works to its credit. Its seven song duration is just the right length, leaving the listener wanting more. The album largely sticks to the kind of sound that will see those who worship at the altar of the mid-90’s embrace it, yet also has enough character to lure in those who are tired of such a sound. It may not reinvent black metal (nor is it looking to); instead, it is a solid half hour of trve furious, blasphemous rage, tinged with melancholy, taking an old sound and doing enough with it to make it sound as vibrant and strong as ever.

About Pessimistic Elements… is available on CD from Satanath Records, and digitally and on CD via Bandcamp.


Swedish Thrash ‘N Devilrollers CRUCIFYRE Latest Album “Post Vulcanic Black” Review Published on VoicesFromTheDarkside Webzine

Swedish Thrash ‘N Devilrollers CRUCIFYRE have congregated once again for their third full-length album “Post Vulcanic Black”, a gathering of ten unforgiving dark-hymns that would be sure to please any old-fashion Heavy Metal / Thrash devout.
Review of this fantastic release published on Voices From The Darkside Webzine ::
Post Vulcanic Black
(Pulverised Records)
Swedish Metallers CRUCIFYRE have come up with the follow up to 2014’s immensely enjoyable “Black Magic Fire” and the band has now returned with a new offering to the Metal gods. “Post Vulcanic Black” is CRUCIFYRE’s third offering and is now out through Pulverised Records. CRUCIFYRE came up with an almost new line-up for this record although this doesn’t seem to affect their unmistakable manipulation of old school influences while they’re still able to give their work their typical footprint, although marching along a path towards an evolution in their sound. “Post Vulcanic Black” was recorded at K51 STHLM, mixed by Willem Bleeker at Baggpipe Studio and mastered by Erik Holmberg at K51 STHLM and the cover artwork was done by Thrashing Rage. Elements of Black, Death, Thrash, Doom and Heavy Metal will be found in “Post Vulcanic Black” like eternal recurrence and all bent to the will of the fyre masters. This time band has taken on hardness, adding more melodies and darkness which is an ode to the Metal of the 80s, like spawned from ancient slumber but delivered with passion and enthusiasm in the present day. Although the band’s will to forge various influences, “Post Vulcanic Black” mostly molded Thrash and Punkish confrontational Metal overall. The band creates a diverse Metal medley across the album, from aggressiveness to atmospheric dirges, and pretty much everything in between. Very few stones are left unturned throughout the playing time, with even some 70s Progressive Rock influences appearing here and there. Opening the album, we find the title track, laced in doom with a catchy guitar work underlying. ‘Thrashing With Violence’ speeds up the tempo, kicking in the teeth with its drums. ‘Mother Superiors’s Eyes’ is an ever-changing track, mending Post Punk influences with a Metal kick. ‘War Chylde’ is a heavier take on this melting attempt, with shattering guitars and harsher vocals. ‘Hyper Moralist (Deemed Antichrist)’ on the other hand shows its Post Punk waves in full. This experimentation recesses in the second half of the record and with it the more expressive and exciting side of this record. Here they went back to a paler mix of heavier tracks, somewhere hooked with modern hints. ‘Murder And Sex And Self-Destruction’, ‘Copenhagen In The Seventies’ and ‘Serpentagram’ obviously made a long lasting impact through their fantastic song structures and lyrical assembly of incantation, blasphemy and forgotten wrecks in a twisted way. Like thoughtful, slower moments, cool tones and pieces of chopped riffs of mighty BLACK SABBATH, IRON MAIDEN, HELLHAMMER, MERCYFUL FATE, SLAYER, BATHORY, POSSESSED, there are lots of influences and regardless of what the band is actually playing though, all the songs on this latest release of theirs are infectious and catchy, with many taunting hooks that get stuck in the head surprisingly easily. Melting influences and genres together, in an appealing and experimenting way; “Post Vulcanic Black” is an energetic and authentic display of old school Metal prowess, and an extremely enjoyable one with more than a sparkle to the 80s and hopeful thoughts about CRUCIFYRE’s future. Find out more at or visit their Bandcamp page. Label contact:
Randolph Whateley.

Review of CELESTERRE Debut Full Length “The Wild” has been published on voicesfromthedarkside Webzine

The Wild
(Rain Without End Records)
Read The Review On Voices From The Darkside ::
Dutch land has always been the abyssal source of many artistic mysteries and it has always been magical to be exposed unto Netherlandish form of unique musical vision. CELESTERRE are a band from the Netherlands and “The Wild” is their debut full-length which was released on July, 2017 through Rain Without End Records, a division of Naturmacht Productions. Prior to this album they have already released a demo (“Celesterre”, 2012) and a mind-bending EP (“A Blooming Spring”, 2014). CELESTERRE plays a musical style which is mostly deep-rooted in traditional Doom and Heavy Metal while also involvement of some Progressive and Black Metal rudiments to craft something very innovative and the production sounds very professional while the lyrics exploring mother nature. The word ‘Celesterre’ means ‘the earth in all its splendor’, which is fitting since nature is the subject of all their lyrics. According to the band, the name stands for both construction and life as well as degradation and death. Both sides are equally important for the functioning of the planet and its organisms.
Composition wise the whole record transcends melodicism yet heavy Doom Metal riffs start off the album along with tasty touches of 70’s traditional Metal. Incorporated solos and leads also stick to a very old school style while the vocals start off in an organic clean style and you will sense that all of the musical instruments played like an intact organic life form. Clean acoustic guitars can also be heard in certain parts of the recording while synths are also used at times. Hearing the spoken word parts along with a brief use of female vocals adds more to its atmosphere. When the music speeds up a decent amount of tremolo picking and blast beats arrived. Certain elements of Black Metal will turn in unconscious moments adding in a brief use of high pitched screams. The last track is lengthy enough also adds in a few seconds of growls to make the whole experience more enthralling.
The lyrics on “The Wild” are well-thought-out and deeply significant. Vocalist and guitar player Wouter Klinkenberg expressed in one of their interviews that it’s about the different phases and trials that every organism goes through in life. Each phase or trial has been given its own song: birth (‘Burst Into Life’), the relationship between organisms and their driving forces (‘Instinct’), fighting and struggles (‘Ramfight At Sundown’), love and procreation (‘Endure The Cold’), finding your way in your environment (‘The Wild’), feeding and hunting (‘Hunger’), interaction with other organisms (‘The Pecking Order’), decay and death (‘A Celebration Of Decay’).
Regardless of whoever likes or dislikes the recent tradition of crafting different genres in one fold, CELESTERRE “The Wild” is truly some sort of creation which explored the mother nature and its significance in every step of earthly life through sonic vision. Make sure you give this release a listen, because if you look at the mood and construction of “The Wild”, you can start a new favorite that can give you a lot more than just think about it.
Find out more at or visit their Bandcamp page:
Randolph Whateley
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Online portal of VM-Underground Fanzine has been unleashed

Great News : VM-Underground Fanzine has it’s own web portal now ::
Online version of VM-Underground Fanzine has been unleashed. Now it’s will be a active non-flashy online fanzine besides the PDF fanzine. Nothing huge or fancy, just reviews and interviews on the website and all kind of historical articles and old interviews with old school layout will be published in this online portal.

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Interview of Legendary Dutch Death Entity @Pestilence Published in the 4th Issue of VM-Underground Fanzine

VM-Underground Fanzine Issue #4 was published a few months back. This issue beholds a humongous and monstrous interview with master Patrizio Marco Giovanni Mameli of legendary Dutch Death Metal Institution Pestilence (official). Issue # 4 is available as a (free) download at . Visit the Site, Download this issue; Dig out this fascinating interview and also explore 107 pages of underground Extreme Metal.
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“”At the end of 2016, Patrick Mameli announced the resurrection of Pestilence, just for a couple of shows in Mexico. Thanks to Tony Choy, Mameli accepted the idea to do a world tour playing the golden oldies in its original form. Or in his own words: “No 8 string guitars. Just a nice trip down memory lane just for the fans”. And don’t forget the fact VIC Records released 2 digital documents filled with live and demo/rehearsal material of Pestilence. As Pestilence made more surprising moves than Marco Materazzi made tackles, Mameli announced a new album called “Hadeon” which will be released by Hammerheart Records in 2017″

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German Death Metal Institution @Fleshcrawl Interview Published in the 4th Issue of VM-Underground Fanzine

After 10 years of shrouded silence, German Death Metal Institution Fleshcrawl was back with 2 new splits and a small tour which even includes an invasion in NEPAL DEATHFEST 2016. An interview with them is published on the latest 4th Issue of VM-Underground Fanzine and also an old
chat from the past republished here when they released their last full­-length. Visit and download the 4th issue for absolutely free; which is filled with tons of menacing reviews and interviews of feral acts from the deepest underground.

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